Introducing the Ultra Racing Rear Anti-Collision Bar for Toyota Alphard (AGH30) and Vellfire (AGH30)

In the world of automotive safety enhancements, every step toward protecting both drivers and passengers is a step in the right direction. As concerns mount over the escalating rates of road accidents, the pursuit of automotive safety innovation takes on greater urgency.

Ultra Racing has taken this commitment to a new level with the unveiling of the latest release – the rear anti-collision bar designed exclusively for the Toyota Alphard AGH30 and Toyota Vellfire AGH30 models. This groundbreaking addition redefines safety protocols and introduces a seamless solution. In this blog, we delve into the innovative features of the Ultra Racing rear anti-collision bar and its significance for Toyota enthusiasts.

In the backdrop of a disconcerting surge in road accidents, Ultra Racing takes a resolute stand for safety. It’s no secret that the Toyota Alphard AGH30 and Toyota Vellfire AGH30 feature installation points on the rear chassis that remain underutilized, leaving a crucial safety gap. Recognizing the imperative to tackle this issue head-on, Ultra Racing has engineered a solution to bolster safety measures for the Alphard and Vellfire.


An outstanding highlight of the Ultra Racing rear anti-collision bar lies in its plug-and-play design. Installation has been streamlined for simplicity, reflecting the company’s dedication to user convenience. This intuitive approach ensures that no extensive modifications are required. By maintaining the existing framework and integrating seamlessly, the rear anti-collision bar enhances safety without compromising on aesthetics or vehicle structure.



Closure looks for the rear anti-collision bar installed: 

Key Advantages of the Ultra Racing Rear Anti-Collision Bar:

  • Targeted Safety Enhancement: The rear anti-collision bar adds a layer of protection tailored to the specific models, mitigating potential impacts and minimizing rear-end collision damage.
  • Model-Specific Solution: Ultra Racing’s solution is designed to cater exclusively to select variants of the Toyota Alphard AGH30 and Toyota Vellfire AGH30, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.
  • Simplified Installation: With the plug-and-play design, installing the rear anti-collision bar is a hassle-free process that saves time and minimizes disruptions.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The bar’s integration maintains the vehicle’s visual appeal while contributing to its safety capabilities.


With the Ultra Racing rear anti-collision bar for Toyota Alphard AGH30 and Vellfire AGH30, the brand reinforces its dedication to vehicle safety. This release doesn’t just target safety; it redefines it by catering to models with selective installation points. The plug-and-play design ensures that safety enhancement is effortless and hassle-free. As a Toyota enthusiast, you have the chance to elevate your driving experience by prioritizing safety. Equip your Toyota with the Ultra Racing rear anti-collision bar – a step that reflects both your commitment to safety and your appreciation for thoughtful design.

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