Ultra Racing for Tesla Model 3 is available NOW!

Ultra Racing Stabilizer Bar for Tesla Model 3

The innovative electric build vehicle – Tesla Model 3 Rear Motor version has been launched all around the world. The success of the Tesla can be attributed to the fact that it is designed to be the ideal vehicle for most people at an economical price.
With the new Autopilot features technology, Autopilot’s advanced safety and convenience features are designed to assist you with the most burdensome parts of driving. Also, Tesla was built for safety with metal structure to enhance the protection of driver and passengers.

Of course, Ultra Racing is available for the Tesla Model 3 REAR-MOTOR version as well in order to enhance the handling and the stability. The preview of each bar on the Tesla are shown below.

How many bars available for Tesla Model 3?

In Ultra Racing, the bars that are available for the Tesla Model 3 are Front Lower Bar, Rear Lower Bar, Front Anti Roll Bar, Rear Anti Roll Bar in 2-point & 3-point, Mid Lower Bar, Rear Lower Bar and Rear Strut Bar.
The functionality of each of the bars after installed on your Tesla Model 3 are explained below.


Front Lower Bar & Rear Lower Bar

comprising Front Lower Bar, and Rear Lower Bar are able to reduce the car chassis flex and strengthen the main chassis platform. It is highly recommended for heavy load vehicles such as SUV or MPV as it helps to enhance the stiffness and handling during higher speed and cornering.

Front Lower Bar / Front Member Brace

                                   Tesla Model 3 Front Lower Bar                                                                         Tesla Model 3 Rear Lower Bar

Front Anti Roll Bar & Rear Anti Roll Bar

 Front Anti Roll Bar / Front Sway Bar

                                    Tesla Model 3 Front Anti Roll Bar                              Tesla Model 3 Rear Anti Roll Bar 

A normal road is not flat as a race track, it is often uneven and bumpy. When the left and right suspension alignment are different such as during cornering, the stabilizer twists the bar and suppresses the roll by its restoring force. This will result in an understeer or oversteer and also there’s a risk to lose control if over body roll. 

By installing the suitable size of anti roll bar, it is possible to suppress the roll of the vehicle’s body without stiffening the suspension and improving cornering and traction. In addition, since the left and right wobbling is suppressed and the posture is stable, there is no discomfort and the risk of motion sickness is reduced.

This is it, the Ultra Racing bar for Tesla Model 3. So, Grab the Ultra Racing bars at the nearest dealer’s shop now! 


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