Ultra Racing for The Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) is ready for you!

The C-segment SUV of 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) officially launched in Malaysia. There are 2 variants available for the Toyota Corolla Cross – 1.8G and 1.8V.

The 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross is powered by 2ZR-FE 1.8-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine with Dual VVT-i. The suspension is taken care by a MacPherson Strut suspension at the front and a torsion beam setup without stabilizer bar at the rear.

              Torsion beam suspension for Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10)                                    

How many bars available for the Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10)?

In Ultra Racing, the bars that are available for the Toyota Corolla Cross are Front Strut Bar, Rear Anti Roll Bar, Front Lower Bar, Mid Lower Bar in 2 points & 4 points, Rear Lower Bar and Rear Torsion Bar.

The functionality of each of the bars after installed on your Toyota Cross are explained below.


Stage 1: Front Strut Bar & Rear Anti Roll Bar

Stage 1 which includes Front Strut Bar and Rear Anti Roll Bar, is the primary set to enhance the performance of your car.

Front Strut Bar / Front Tower Bar

                         Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Front Strut Bar

The Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) doesn’t come with the OEM front strut bar from the car manufacturer. Ultra Racing has developed a 2 points front strut bar, located at the top of the absorber (left and right) in order not to affect the normal procedure of service and maintenance.

The car chassis will affect the left and right strut tower and suppress changes in body distortion that occur during running. Furthermore, continuous stress will cause distortion little by little. As known by majority, tire friction, suspension forces, defects from rain water and old car with age will affect a car’s life span. Aftermarket suspension and modifications will also increase the burden of the car chassis. 

One of the methods to deal with such a situation is to install a front strut bar/front tower bar, by connecting the left and right strut towers to increase rigidity. Apart from being easy to install, it is the most effective reinforcement part that demonstrates high performance.


Rear Anti Roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar 

The OEM rear suspension setups of the Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) comes with torsion beam suspension without the rear stabilizer bar. Ultra Racing has decided to develop a solid 16mm OD (outside diameter) rear anti roll bar, as it significantly improves the handling performance and maintains the comfortability of the car.

             Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Rear Anti Roll Bar in 16mm                                           

A normal road is not flat as a race track, it comes with an uneven and bumpy road surface. When the left and right suspension alignment are different such as during cornering, the stabilizer twists the bar and suppresses the roll by its restoring force. This will result in an understeer or oversteer and also there’s a risk to lose control if over body roll. 

By installing the suitable size of anti roll bar, it is possible to suppress the roll of the vehicle’s body without stiffening the suspension and improving cornering and traction. In addition, since the left and right wobbling is suppressed and the posture is stable, there is no discomfort and the risk of motion sickness is reduced.

Stage 2 (Lower Arm Bar)

Stage 2, comprising Front Lower Bar, Mid Lower Bar in 2 points & 4 points, Rear Lower Bar and Rear Torsion Bar for the Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) are able to reduce the car chassis flex and strengthen the main chassis platform. It is highly recommended for heavy load vehicles such as SUV or MPV as it helps to enhance the stiffness and handling during higher speed and cornering.

                     Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Front Lower Bar                                        Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Middle Lower Bar 4 points 

             Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Middle Lower Bar 2 points                                       Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Rear Lower Bar 

                      Toyota Corolla Cross (XG10) Rear Torsion Bar 

So, it’s time for you to push the handling and performance to the limits with Ultra Racing now! 


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